Conferences and Talks


re:publica | Berlin, Germany
Panel and Moderation | May 2019

Future Affairs Conference | Federal Foreign Office Berlin, Germany
May 2019


Z2X Digital | Berlin, Germany
Blitzvortrag | March 2019

Digital Infrastructure Research | New York City, US
Kick-Off Workshop | February 2019

Unbox Festival | Bangalore, India
Panel and Workshop | February 2019

Videonale | Bonn, Germany
Keynote | February 2019

Allianz Alumni Academy | Prague, Czech Republic
Presentation | November 2018

Mozilla Festival, London, UK
Workshop | October 2018

Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
Presentation | Oktober 2018

European Young Leaders’ Seminar, Valetta, Malta
Discussion | September 2018

Creative Bureaucracy Festival, Berlin, Germany
Workshop | September 2018

Future Perfect, New York, US
Workshop | June 2018

Future Fest, London, UK
Panel | July 2018

GovTech Pioneers, Vienna, Austria
Talk | May 2018

Personal Democracy Forum, Gdansk, Poland
Talk | April 2018

Open Codes @ZKM | Open Government, Karlsruhe, Germany
Moderation Panel | March 2018

Awwwards, Berlin, Germany
Keynote | February 2018

Deutscher Engagement Tag vom Bundesministerium für Familie Senioren, Frauen und Jugend
Berlin, Germany
Vortrag | December 2017

University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Lecture | December 2017

Democratic Cities, Madrid, Spain
Presentation | November 2017

Free University of Berlin, Germany
The political importance of our technical decisions
Lecture | November 2017

Civic Tech Fest, Taipei, Taiwan
“A Hackers Guide to the Galaxy. Don’t Panic!”
Workshop | September 2017

OECD Forum, Paris, France
How to Launch a Civic Tech Programme
Talk | June 2017

Digidemos, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin, Germany
#Digidemos – E-Government, Open Data und das Verhältnis von Staat und Bürger_innen”
Panel | July 2017

TicTec Conference, Florence, Italy
“The impacts of Civic Tech… on the people who make it”
Talk | April 2017

re:publica, Berlin, Germany
“Fork and Merge – Collaboration in Civic Tech”
“Money, Freedom of Speech and Microcode. How to raise money for your open source project.”
Talk | May 2017

Designing Tomorrow, Tel Aviv, Israel
“The future of the nation state”
Workshop | December 2016

OGP Summit, Paris, France
‘Fork and Merge’ – Collaboration in Civic Tech
Workshop | December 2016

Global Diplomacy Lab, Montreal, Canada
Participant | November 2016

University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Teaching a course on Social Design | November 2016

UNSCHOOL Fellowship, Berlin, Germany
Mentor | October 2016

Das ist Netzpolitik! Konferenz, Berlin, Germany
Talk | Civic Tech – Technologie für Bürger*innen

WDC International Design Policy Conference, Taipei, Taiwan
Talk | 15.10-16.10.2016

52. Netzpolitischer Abend in der Cbase, Berlin, Germany
‘Wir stellen vor: Das ist der Prototype Fund’
Vortrag | September 2016

Goethe Institut, Bejing, China
Talk | September 2016

Festival der neuen Visionäre (by Zeit online), Berlin, Germany
Workshop “R.I.P. – How to best kill projects and preserve them for the digital afterworld” | 03.09-04.09.2016

University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Lecture | 21.06.2016

g0v Summit, Taipei, Taiwan
Keynote | 14.05.2016

re-publica TEN, Berlin, Germany
Talk | 04.05.2016

Urban Leadership Lab, Shanghai, China
Workshop | 07.03.2016

Urban Future, Graz, Austria
Panel: “Searching for happiness: Can Big Data make cities more sustainable?” | 02.03.2016

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Die Kalifornische Herausforderung, Hamburg, Germany
Panel: Data/Polis | 20.02.2016

32C3, Hamburg, Germany
Program Committee for the Art and Culture Track | 05.12.2015

Free Connected Minds Conference, Beirut, Lebanon
Panel: The Future of Governance | 05.12.2015

netz:regeln 2015: „Digital Everything – Wie digital ist unsere Zukunft?“, Berlin, Germany
Moderation: Smart Data | 26.11.2015

Open Government Partnership Summit, Mexico City, Mexico
Code for All: Harnessing the Capacity of the Community
| 27.10.2015

Workshop zu europäischen Fragen des Rechts des eGovernment, Thessaloniki, Greece
Workshop at Aristoteles Universität Thessaloniki | 22.10.2015

Symposium on Youth Participation in a Digitalised World; , Budapest, Hungary
Keynote: Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth
| 14.09.2015

Code for All Summit, New York City, US
Event-Organization & Moderation | 30.07.2015

La Fabrique de la Cité, Berlin, Germany
Keynote: Code for All – Harnessing the Capacity of the Community
 | 02.07.2015

Öffentliches Fachgespräch der SPD-Fraktion, Berlin, Germany
Rechtsanspruch auf Open Data?
| 19.06.2015

3rd International Open Data Conference, Ottawa, Canada
Panel: Mapping the Opportunities and Challenges of Civic Tech Communities / Recensement des possibilités et des défis pour le milieu des technologies civiques | 28.05.2015

re:publica, Berlin, Germany
Hack your City | 07.05.2015

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TED Talk, Berlin, Germany
Let´s build better digital tools for our cities! | 06.07.2014

re:publica, Berlin, Germany
Talk: Civic Tech – of the people, by the people and for the people | 06.05.2014

OECD, Paris, France
Workshop: “Using technology to engage citizens with well-being statistics: perspectives from civil society and academia” | 18.09.2014

Service Experience Camp, Berlin, Germany
Talk: Interfaces to Government | 14.09.2013

Raumschiff Erde, Hamburg, Germany
Talk: Open Data und was hat das mit mir zu tun?| 24.02.2013

Medienradio, Berlin, Germany
Podcast: Open Verkehr | 23.12.2013

Summit of New Thinking, Berlin, Germany
Talk: Open Data Pädagogik | 15.11.2012

Workshop at the Netpolitics Congress of the Green Party, Berlin, Germany
Workshop: Open Data in Kommunen – Über Chancen, Entwicklungen und nächste Schritte | 20.10.2012

re:publica, Berlin, Germany
Talk: Open Data und was hat das mit mir zu tun? | 06.05.2012

Urban Knights, Berlin, Germany
Talk: Civic Tech in Germany | 2012