Feminist Tech Fellows

Introducing the Superrr Fellowship for Feminist Technologists

Will the internet of the future be inclusive and diverse? Or, a platform for harassment and exclusion?

On February 7th the Feminist Tech Fellowship launched – a program for technologists, artists, and activists working at the intersection of feminism and technology. The fellowship is part of the network Superrr.

Among the first fellows and projects are open-source engineers, a privacy-centric period tracker, and a platform for teaching children about artificial intelligence. The fellowship is part of Superrr, a community of women in the arts, science, tech, journalism, and activism who challenge the status quo of their industries.

The internet of today is often exclusionary, – Online harassment of women and other minorities is rampant. Unwarranted surveillance of vulnerable groups is routine. And the sophisticated algorithms we interact with every day can have bias in their very code. Further, the internet of tomorrow can look even more bleak: less privacy, less agency, and less control.

The Feminist Tech Fellowship empowers people and projects that want a different, better internet. One where safe, equitable participation in the connected world is the norm, and where people of all genders and cultural backgrounds are supported to influence and create tools and concepts for digital interactions.

Feminist Tech Fellows receive $3,000 per project across the span of three months (February 2019 — April 2019). Fellows also receive dedicated mentorship from a roster of like-minded experts in the internet health movement.