Next big thing 💪

I have some great news to share – since April I am a Senior Fellow at the Mozilla Foundation!

As a fellow I will be investigating emerging technologies and their influence on society. I will be researching how technologies and policies have to be shaped in order to support us in tackling future challenges. I will run campaigns, work on tech and develop new narratives.

The Mozilla Foundation is known for it’s work in the field of data protection, privacy and open source. They are the perfect platform when it comes to developing future visions for user centered technology.

For the fellowship I’m leaving the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany after six wonderful years. I had the pleasure to work with many great people – thanks for all of that!

As Co-Founder of the Prototype Fund I will stay on board and take on the role of the Director of Partnerships. I will help to grow and develop the program and I’m really looking forward to supporting many more open source projects!

Let’s do this! 💪