Together with my dear friend Zara Rahman I started a meetup for women*.
The idea for the Superrr gatherings was born out of frustration about the fact that we both knew really cool women working in tech, art, design and many other fields – but there was no event format that allowed us to meet all these great women every once in a while.

This was why we decided to start Superrr – an informal gathering of women. We pick a bar, send an email to a list of women and encourage them to bring a friend a long – this is how the group grows over time and how we get new faces to join the meetups.


Superrr is so simple that anyone can start one in their city, the website is on github – everyone is welcome to add a new superrr event to the list and grow the community.

We are not a virtual network. We are a group of women who believes in feminism and equality. We meet up every once in a while and collaborate on various projects.

More info:

superrr1* gender labels are, of course, subject to your own desire for identification (or not!)